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Evelynne Wanjira

ESL Instructor : ESL Instructor with over 9 years experience in teaching English as a second language and preparing students for Cambridge University English proficiency exams like OET,PTE, KET, IELTS and APTIS. In addition to this she holds a BA in education and several English teaching certifications that include TEFL, TESOL and Teaching IELTS from The London College – UK.


GMAT Coaching in Kuwait

PTE COURSE IN KUWAIT Unlock Your English Proficiency with PTE Excellence in Kuwait By the end of the training you will Be confident in obtaining high test scores Have refined your pronunciation and fluency to meet the test’s criteria Be more familiar with the test format and practice extensively Enhance your prospects as it can


TOEFL Training in Kuwait

TOEFL TRAINING KUWAIT Elevate Your English: Excel in TOEFL with Kuwait’s Best By the end of the training you will Benefit from strategies and insights into the test format and question types Recieve personalized feedback and scoring on practice tests Be recognized and valued by many employers in English-speaking countries Gain wide acceptance by universities,