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 Your Journey to Flutter Certification: Elevate Your App Development Skills

By the end of the training, you will:

Flutter Certified Application Developer

Flutter Certified Application Developer certification is critical for your mobile development career. It will enhance your potential in the ever-growing mobile development market and push your development career forward since it verifies that you have adequate knowledge to be considered an iOS and Android developer. To become one, you have to pass the AFD-200 exam which assesses your knowledge and experience on topics covered in the “Flutter Application Development” course.


Successfully completing this exam (70%), you will receive an email no later than 10 working days following your exam appointment with your login information (username and password) to access your Android ATC student dashboard. You may check your report, obtain your certificate in Pdf, and order your softcopy certificate and membership card from dashboard. Exam questions cover both theoretical and practical aspects of each course. Some questions might include code snippets to test technical and programming skills. To familiarize yourself with the Flutter certified application developer exam.

Why Flutter Certification?

In the previous few years, smart phones have become the go-to platform for developing all sorts of applications. Business applications for banks, TV broadcasters, universities, shopping stores, have been migrating from websites to mobile applications. On the same level, Android and iOS devices are dominating the market share of mobile devices. All this has made Android and iOS application development among the most required skills in the IT sector and in the available IT jobs.

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