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By the end of the first aid training you will:

First Aid Training in Sharjah,UAE
First Aid Training in Sharjah,UAE

What is First Aid Training

Medic First Aid is a specific type of first aid training program offered by the Health & Safety Institute (HSI), a company based in the USA that provides various health and safety training programs for individuals and organizations. Medic First Aid training focuses on teaching essential life-saving skills and techniques to respond effectively to medical emergencies. It’s designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide immediate care and assistance until professional medical help arrives.


The Medic First Aid training programs often combine theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on exercises and scenarios. This approach helps participants gain confidence in their abilities to respond effectively in real-life emergency situations. This course goes beyond basic skills and includes more comprehensive training in areas such as medical emergencies, traumatic injuries, and environmental emergencies. The course is certified by HSI USA making you a qualified first aid expert worldwide. 

First Aid Training in Sharjah,UAE

HSI Approved Training Center

The Health & Safety Institute (HSI) in the USA is an organization that specializes in providing health and safety training solutions to various industries. Their focus areas encompass workplace safety, emergency response, healthcare safety, and more. The institute provides certifications recognized by industries and organizations as proof of competency in safety-related skills.

First Aid Training in Sharjah,UAE

Medic First Aid Approved

Medic First Aid is a comprehensive and globally recognized training program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to provide effective first aid in various emergency situations. Whether in the workplace, at home, or in public spaces, Medic First Aid training empowers participants to respond swiftly and appropriately to injuries and accidents.

Some of our students who trained for first aid 

Who Should Attend:

The intended audience is individuals who are not healthcare providers or professional rescuers who desire or are occupationally required, to be trained and certifi­ed in adult fi­rst aid and/or CPR AED. 

Benefits of First Aid Training

Life-Saving Skills

Medic First Aid training equips individuals with essential life-saving skills to provide immediate assistance in emergencies. This can make a critical difference in situations where quick action is necessary to prevent further harm or even save lives.

Immediate Response

Trained individuals can provide immediate and appropriate first aid before professional medical help arrives. This can significantly reduce the severity of injuries and enhance the chances of a positive outcome.

Enhanced Workplace Safety

Organizations that provide Medic First Aid training to employees create a safer work environment. Employees are better prepared to respond to workplace injuries and incidents, reducing the likelihood of accidents

Team Building

Participating in Medic First Aid training fosters teamwork and camaraderie. Team members who train together can support each other during emergencies and contribute to a safer environment.

Legal Compliance

In some industries, providing first aid training to employees is a legal requirement. Compliance with such regulations helps organizations avoid legal issues and penalties.

Positive Public Image

Organizations that prioritize safety and provide first aid training demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of their employees and customers. This enhances their reputation and public image.

Content Outline

Preparing to help

Protecting yourself while doing first aid, Emergency moves


Cardiac arrest, Chest compressions, Rescue breaths, Automated external defibrillation


Primary assessment to provide First Aid, Secondary assessment

First Aid for Sudden injury

Control of bleeding, Shock, Amputation, Impaled objects, Open chest injury, Open abdominal injury, Head, neck, or back injury, Swollen, painful, or deformed limb, Burns, Minor injuries

First Aid Sudden illness

Altered mental status, Breathing difficulty, shortness of breath, Pain, severe pressure, or discomfort in the chest, Severe abdominal pain

First Aid for Environmental emergencies

Heat emergencies, Cold Emergencies

First Aid Bites and stings

Stinging insects, Snake bites, Spider bites, Tick bites, Marine animal bites, Animal and human bites

Additional considerations


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