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Fueling Success in Finance: Unleash Your Potential with Our Accounting and Business Degree in Kuwait

Benefits of joining this program, 

About OTHM

They operate as a UK-based Awarding Organisation under the regulation of Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation). With a global network of numerous delivery centers, including our Training Center, OTHM is dedicated to evolving continually to bolster professions and industries. Their commitment involves providing exceptional qualifications to foster a highly skilled and experienced workforce. OTHM holds full membership in FAB, the trade association for vocational awarding bodies in the UK.


Building robust academic connections both in the UK and abroad is a priority for OTHM to ensure the global recognition of its qualifications. This recognition, both locally and internationally, has empowered OTHM graduates to augment their employability skills and access opportunities to enroll in degree and/or Master top-up programs.

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Why OTHM Degree?

Global Recognition

OTHM qualifications have global recognition, offering a credential that is valuable not just within the United Kingdom but also across diverse international markets.

Progression Pathways

OTHM qualifications frequently offer well-defined pathways for progression, enabling you to move to more advanced levels of education or attain exemptions in professional certifications, thereby augmenting your career opportunities.

Professional Recognition

Professional bodies in diverse industries acknowledge OTHM qualifications, bolstering your credibility and increasing your attractiveness to employers in the job market.

Affordable Education

OTHM programs frequently offer a more cost-effective alternative to conventional degree programs, making high-quality education within reach for a wider spectrum of students.

Quality Assurance

OTHM maintains program quality through thorough accreditation procedures, guaranteeing that you obtain an elevated level of education and training.

Program Overview

The OTHM Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Business is structured to furnish learners with a groundwork in subjects pertaining to accounting and business. Opting for the pursuit of the OTHM Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Business can provide numerous benefits based on your career aspirations and educational goals. Successful completion of this qualification ensures that learners gain specific skills and proficiency in technical terminology crucial for advancing their capabilities in accounting, business management, and related areas. This readiness sets the stage for a smooth transition into more advanced academic studies or the initiation of a rewarding career in their chosen field.

Qualification Title

OTHM Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Business


1 year

Total Credit Value

120 Credits

Total Qualification Time (TQT)

1200 Hours

Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

600 Hours


In the OTHM framework, Level 4 qualifications encapsulate applied knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies assessed academically as on par with Higher National Certificates (HNC) and the initial year of a three-year Bachelor’s degree program in the United Kingdom.

Entry Requirements

These credentials are tailored for individuals generally aged 18 and older.

Learners are expected to have an entry profile that includes a minimum of one of the following:

Mandatory Units

Academic Writing and Research Skills

20 credits

Business and the Economic Environment

20 credits

Principles of Financial Accounting

20 credits

Quantitative Methods in a Business Context

20 credits

Management Accounting

20 credits

Leading and Managing Teams

20 credits


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