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Empower Your Projects with MS Project: Kuwait’s Premier Training Course!

By the end of the training, you will:

Microsoft Project Training in Kuwait

Microsoft Project is a project management software that can be used to manage all aspects of the project. It helps to keep track of tasks, timelines, and risks of your projects. It also helps to visualize the progress on the Gantt chart. Microsoft Project also provides tools for team collaboration and communication that can help to maintain transparency throughout the project. It has been designed to assist project managers in developing plans, assigning resources to specific tasks, tracking progress, managing cost and budget, and analyzing workload.


Microsoft Project has various features through which all crucial aspects of project management can be addressed, such as planning and scheduling, collaboration, reporting, resource management, Communication Management, Risk Management, etc. Microsoft Project Training in Kuwait at Infinity is designed for those who want to learn how to plan, schedule, and track projects. It is designed for those who work on projects but don’t have the time or expertise required to manage them. It provides a comprehensive overview of the project management process, from initiating the project to closing it out. After the Microsoft Project training at Infinity Training Center, you can manage your projects through timelines and lists, and you’re able to create a timeline to keep track of everything.


Microsoft Project training at Infinity will empower the complete skills, knowledge, and confidence required to manage projects using Microsoft Project. You will be able to use the software effectively and will be confident enough to train others to use it. Further, the understanding and expertise gained through this course will prepare you all to undertake projects in any industry. Lectures are reinforced with audio-visual presentations to teach infinity. The course content can be adjusted to the audience’s needs. Prior to each session, this will be thoroughly reviewed.

Who Should Attend

MS Project can be beneficial for anyone who is involved in managing projects or tasks, such as project managers, team leaders, project coordinators, and other professionals in various industries such as construction, engineering, software development, marketing, and more

Senior managers

Project managers

Project officers

Other stakeholders engaged in various stages of a project

Project coordinators and administrators

Any other professional who wants to know more about managing a
project using Microsoft Project

You will learn about the importance of scheduling and how to use Microsoft Project’s features for effective scheduling, such as creating tasks and milestones, assigning resources, and tracking progress. You will also learn how to create a Gantt chart in Microsoft Project. For those who want to work on multiple projects at once, the Gantt chart is the perfect tool for you!


Microsoft Project Course Content

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