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Elevate Your Healthcare Career with OET Training in Kuwait

By the end of the training, you will:

OET Training in Kuwait

Learn what it takes to be a native-like proficiency in the English language and pass the OET exam easily and effortlessly by joining our OET training in Kuwait. At Infinity, we have hired some of the most notable and skilled native educators to hone a candidate’s four language skills and come up with flying colors in oet exam. Our educators in this OET institute welcome your queries and never take a step back when you need their guidance. Their mentoring and AI-infused learning experience makes the journey ahead easy.

OET  is an essential competency for healthcare professional that lets them practice in an English-speaking environment. It accesses the communication during the ability of the aspirant using a strict exam structure. Professionals belonging to the fields of dietetics, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, podiatry, and many others can take this test and gain an edge over others.  Finally, With our OET course, exploring global opportunities becomes easy.  especially, Our OET training lets the candidate start working in lucrative job markets like the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, etc. Infinity Training Institute is a leading center in Kuwait in the field of providing language proficiency for health care professionals. overall, We have trained over 100s students who are now working as health professionals abroad.

What is OET Exam?

The Occupational English Test (also known as OET) is an English language test for healthcare professionals recognized by various regulatory healthcare bodies. It assesses the language communication skills of healthcare professionals who wish to register and practice in an English-speaking environment. Healthcare professionals must apply for the OET exam in order to demonstrate their level of English proficiency and their ability to provide superior corresponding healthcare in

Who accepts the OET exam?

Healthcare professionals who are looking to study or work in the healthcare sector in-







United Kingdom

United States of America


New Zealand





United Arab Emirates

are moreover required to take the OET exam. As these are the countries that largely recognize the OET test.

OET Registration

Mainly, Candidates looking to appear for their OET exam are required to register for the OET Exam. The Candidates would be required to register via online mode only through the official website. Candidates would have to first register on the official OET website by creating an OET Login to proceed with their OET online registration.

OET Exam Dates

Dates of OET  2022: Available in over 120 locations across 40 countries, OET is held multiple times every year. OET test dates are offered every month, but candidates can only register for the next three test dates at a time.

OET Results & Scores

Results of OET: Candidates who have successfully appeared for their OET can expect their OET Scores to be generated approximately within 16 working days from the day of each test. Students who appear for their OET would be graded on a scale of 0-500 in ten points increments. The numerical score would be further mapped to a separate letter grade for each subtest with (alphabet A) denoting highest to (alphabet E) denoting lowest. There is no overall OET grade

Till When is OET Score valid?

The OET official website does not provide a duration for the validity of the OET exam. Candidates are required to check with the concerned authorities that recognize the OET exam about the duration of the validity of the results.

What is the duration of OET?

Aspirants looking to appear for the exam should be aware that the test is divided into four sections, i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Candidates are required to complete each subtest within the stipulated section time. Candidates should keep the entire day aside to complete their OET. The exam does not occupy your entire day, however, candidates are advised to not schedule any other planned activity throughout the day.

How many times can I attempt the OET Exam?

The OET test can be attempted as many times as the candidate wants to improve his score. The OET test is held twice in a given month.

What documents do candidates need to carry on the day of the exam?

Candidates are advised to take their valid passports as IDs for the exam.

What are the items allowed in the OET Test Venue?

On the day of the exam, candidates should carefully check the entire list of objects that are authorized and prohibited on the examination center’s grounds. overall, It is important to go through the list to avoid any last-minute hassle. Electronic items such as mobile phones, cameras, tablets, and music players are strictly prohibited from the examination. Candidates are required to check the list of items from the official website before appearing for the exam.

What are OET Cancellation Charges?

Candidates looking to appear for their OET exam can defer up to the last moment. However, candidates appearing to defer or change the date examination are required to pay a fee for the same. Candidates can check the official website to know the updated charges regarding the same.

What is a good OET Score?

Perhaps one of the most searched queries for healthcare professionals appearing for the OET exam revolves around a good OET score or an average OET score. The OET exam does not have a good score or average score benchmark. However, To be considered for the finest opportunities, candidates must score far above 350 on each sub-test. Candidates should consult with significant councils or boards to stay current on market needs.

How to access OET scores?

OET Scores: Healthcare professionals who have appeared for their OET exam can check their OET scores 16 business days from the day of the OET exam. nevertheless, OET test takers are required to enter their OET login credentials on the official website: to access their online OET accounts where their OET scores would be published. Furthermore, candidates can also download the hard copy of their OET statement of results from their online profile.

How to Register for OET?

Candidates looking to apply for the OET exam would have to follow the steps mentioned below

OET Exam Fee 2022

OET registration: To register for the OET exam, candidates must pay an OET Exam fee of AUD $587 as part of the registration process. At the time of OET registration, candidates must have their Credit Card or payment mechanism details, a digital passport photo, and a valid passport on hand as paperwork verification. Candidates would be required to carefully fill in their details in the online application form, upload a digital passport photograph in accordance with the photo guidelines mentioned on the official website, and above all provide a valid passport as document proof. As mentioned earlier, candidates are required to pay the OET Exam fee of $587AUD (approximates KD 130.00)

How to cancel your OET Registration?

Many times, candidates enroll for the OET exam but are unable to take it for reasons best known to them. Nevertheless, In such circumstances, candidates should be informed that their withdrawal policies and fees are available on the official website. Candidates who already enrolled for the exam and want to modify the date, venue or both may be charged an extra cost, depending on availability. Candidates can check the official website for the latest deferral fees (date change) and change of venue location fees.

OET Rescheduling Fees

Candidates who need to reschedule their OET exam dates for reasons best known to them, like other tests, can do so for a fee. furthermore, Candidates who wish to reschedule or postpone their OET testing dates must pay a rescheduling fee, which is detailed on the official website.

OET at Home

This is the identical OET exam that is conducted at a test center. The OET at Home, on the other hand, would be a computer-based OET test administered from the candidate’s home. The OET at Home – computer-based test is currently available in select destinations and for Medicine and Nursing subjects. furthermore, More subjects are being added to the facility.


finally, Candidates who intend to book their OET at Home exam must first review the system prerequisites for the OET exam. Candidates would also require to have a test conducive environment during the entire duration of the OET exam.

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