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Unlock the World of Travel: Master IATA Fares and Ticketing with Amadeus in Kuwait!

By the end of the training you will,



IATA Fares & ticketing Course is a top-notch self-teach CBT program that indoctrinates basic to advanced GDS entries and fare construction mechanisms to price tickets and journeys. The course is basically designed for airline personnel or any travel consultants who are liable to sell exclusive international air shipment in place of IATA member airlines. In the previous 5 years, approx. 1101 partakers from over 50 countries have enrolled themselves in this course. This premium course requires over 180 hours of rigorous study, which needs to be accomplished in 6 months. All the aspirants have only two attempts to pass this exam successfully, and the qualifying criterion is acquiring 60% marks or higher. IATA publishes exam questions every year on its official portal.


This is an e-learning course designed to impart best-of-breed understanding about Amadeus GDS (i.e., Global Distribution Systems) and its usages to price different kinds of journeys. The course hones a candidate’s understanding of basic fare rules, analyzing the minimum fare requirements, and various other related tasks using the GDS simulation tool. Tasting success in this e-learning course would be easier if you choose Infinity as your training and learning partner. At Infinity, course aspirants are like to enjoy professionally curated training sessions, AI-driven learning methodology, and personalized content. The expert mentoring makes the course journey easier than ever.

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