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Basic Life Support Training in Kuwait by Infinity Training: Vital Skills for life-threatening emergencies

Basic Life Support Certification in Kuwait

For comprehensive Basic Life Support (BLS) training in Kuwait, look no further than Infinity Training Center. Our BLS courses equip you with vital skills to respond confidently in emergency situations. With expert instructors and state-of-the-art facilities, we prioritize hands-on practice and real-life scenarios. During Basic Life Support training, you’ll learn essential techniques such as CPR, AED usage, and airway management. These skills are crucial in saving lives and providing immediate assistance until professional help arrives.


At Infinity Training Center Kuwait, our BLS courses cater to diverse learners, from healthcare professionals to laypersons. Our curriculum follows international standards and guidelines, ensuring you receive quality instruction that aligns with current best practices. Moreover, our flexible scheduling options make it convenient for busy individuals to attend training sessions. Whether you’re seeking initial certification or renewal, our BLS courses offer comprehensive training that prepares you to act swiftly and decisively in emergency situations. Enroll in Basic Life Support training at Infinity Training Center Kuwait today and gain the confidence and competence to save lives.

Approved by Ministry of Health, Kuwait

Approved by Kuwait’s Ministry of Health for granting or renewing licenses for healthcare professionals, such as nurses, doctors, and more.This approval signifies that the training provided by the institution meets the required standards and regulations set by the government health authorities. It assures both healthcare professionals and the public that the practitioners have undergone the necessary education and training to deliver safe and effective care. Therefore, healthcare professionals can perform their duties with approval of the government upon receiving the BLS certification.


HSI Approved Training Center

The Health & Safety Institute (HSI) offers numerous highly-rated courses and efficient, cost-effective delivery methods. Nationally accredited in Emergency Medical Service (EMS) by CAPCE, HSI's programs align with the standards of over 5,000 state regulatory agencies, licensing boards, and national associations across 550+ professions.

ASHI Approved Training Center

The American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI), headquartered in Eugene, OR, offers CPR, First Aid, and related certifications. ASHI, now under the Health & Safety Institute (HSI), provides recognized training in CPR, First Aid, and more, widely accepted alongside American Red Cross and American Heart Association certifications. Courses cover CPR, AED, Emergency Medical Responder, Basic Life Support, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Who Should Attend

Basic Life Support (BLS) training is essential for a wide range of individuals, including:

Healthcare Professionals:

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other medical personnel who require BLS certification as part of their job responsibilities.

First Responders:

Police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who may encounter medical emergencies in the line of duty.

Workplace Safety Teams:

Employees designated to respond to medical emergencies in the workplace, such as designated first aiders or safety officers.

Educators and School Staff:

Teachers, administrators, and other school personnel who may need to provide emergency medical assistance to students or colleagues.


Anyone interested in learning life-saving skills to assist in emergency situations, including bystanders who may witness a medical crisis in public settings.

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