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Elevate Your Style and Creativity: Enroll in Our Fashion Designing Course in Kuwait!

By the end of the training, you will:

Fashion Designing Course

Fashion is everyone’s part of life and provides one a means to express oneself. The fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Let Infinity Kuwait’s seasonal trainers and experts help you become a part of this emergent industry. Our professionally designed fashion designing course gives you an opportunity to learn this industry’s nitty-gritty, heighten your creativity, and rise as a skilled designer. Our Fashion Designing course lasts for 3 months and is guided by the industry’s best minds. The blended learning, practical and theory, gives amazing clarity over key concepts. All through the course journey, you’ll get to learn about the latest fashion trends, the basics of designing, and the skills required creating impressive and original designs. We conduct workshops to sharpen your design talent and creativity.


Our Fashion course will help you master the art and science of selecting the right fabric, creating designs, details addition, creating a professional portfolio, and much other industry-specific expertise. Our mentors are here to guide you at every stage. Under their tutelage, students will grasp the latest subject matter expertise.  The course is certified and well recognized by leading Fashion houses in Kuwait.  Upon successful completion of our fashion-designing course, one lays the foundation of a gratifying career as multiple opportunities will wait for you. Both the domestic and global fashion industry are open to you. Because of  Infinity Fashion Designing, many aspiring members of the fashion business are now able to realize their dreams. It’s your turn now. Enroll in the best fashion designing course in Kuwait and kick start a promising and futuristic career journey.

Course Outline for fashion design

Course duration

3 months

What is design?

Difference Between Art and Design

Introduction to Fashion Design

History of Fashion. Fashion Design Philosophy. Fashion through ages: A timeline thread. International Fashion Brands/ Designers

Fashion Design Process

Inspiration boards Theme Selection. Design Extraction. Basic elements. Secondary elements. Colour Boards. Silhouettes (Rough process). Hand Sketches Photo Shop Finalizing designs. Details (addition and subtraction) Final Product.

Material Selection

Selecting material according to the theme and design

Fabric sourcing

Types of Fabrics; Woven, knitted and Recreational Fabrics

Art of Accessorizing

Final Design Making

Basics Surface making Final silhouette Detail’s addition Prototyping (Extracting the final product)

Final Prototypes


Fashion Portfolio Final Products Documentation of the process