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Pursue your academic aspirations with our UK Diplomas. These internationally recognized programs offer a pathway to excellence and career advancement.

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IATA Excellence

Elevate your career in the aviation industry with our IATA Courses. Learn about airline operations, travel and tourism, and passenger safety to soar to new heights

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Develop your leadership and organizational skills with our Project Management courses. Learn to deliver projects on time and within budget, ensuring success in any industry

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Explore our Finance Courses and gain valuable insights into financial management, investments, and financial analysis

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Harness the power of the web with our Digital Marketing Courses. Acquire the skills to create effective online marketing strategies

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Marketing Courses

Explore our comprehensive range of digital marketing courses
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What We Do

We provide customized corporate training solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs, enhancing employee skills, and fostering professional growth.

At our organization, we offer a comprehensive range of industry-recognized International certifications designed to validate your expertise and skills in various fields and industries. 

We take pride in offering comprehensive academical learning opportunities. Our institution is dedicated to providing structured and high-quality education across a diverse range of academic disciplines.

We provide vocational learning programs tailored to equip individuals with practical skills and industry-specific knowledge. Our offerings encompass a range of trades and professions enabling students to gain hands-on experience

About Us

Shaping a career is easy with Infinity

Infinity Training is the Kuwait’s leading training provider helping aspiring candidates to ensure a smooth career launch in multiple industries

Why Infinity ?

Infinity is a certified and well-recognized learning and training institute that offers a myriad of courses that help a candidate to build a career in different industry types. Each of the courses is designed as per the industry’s requirement and imparts the skills that are essentials for any working professional to become an indispensable part of any industry.

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Featured & New Courses


Success Stories

Aamir Khan - Passed -NEBOSH

Aamir Khan

Passed -NEBOSH

Abbas Magar Passed CMA from Infinity Training

Abbas Magar

Passed CMA

Abdul Rehman Parker - CMA part1 passed

Abdul Rehman

Passed CMA

Afrah Haider,Passed -PHRi

Afrah Haider

Passed -PHRi

Ali Azgar- Passed - IATA PGSA

Ali Azgar

Passed – IATA PGSA

Ahmed Shahata - Passed -NEBOSH from infinity Training

Ahmed Shahata

Passed -NEBOSH

Ahmed EL Hassan passed PHRi

Ahmed ElHassan

Passed PHRi

Ali Farhat -Passed - NEBOSH from Infinity Training

Ali Farhat

Passed - NEBOSH


Hear From Them

IELTS student review - Udai
Udai Singh Bisht IELTS student

I'm a former pupil of Infinity. I want to thank you and your team for helping me pass my IELTS exam. After my accomplishment, I shared my experience with many friends while I was in Canada. Ajay Kumar who is a friend of mine, has already completed the IELTS from there, and Sharad Singh is currently enrolled in IELTS classes. I'm hoping that soon you'll hear from more of my friends about the course. Once again, I want to thank the entire team of Infinity for helping me succeed.

Asha Anil Varghese - Success stories -IELTS 
Asha Anil Varghese IELTS student

This is one of the best institutes that I have come across, which is truly helpful for the IELTS candidates. It's amazing to see how much effort you put in this endeavor, like posting connectives and illustrating it with examples. I am writing this note to express my gratitude for your dedication and perseverance, as well as to show how much I value your efforts. Thank you once again for everything you are doing for all of us through this Institute

Passed PGSA exam - Joshua
Joshua Passed IATA PGSA Exam

I made the wise decision to enroll in the IATA course at the Infinity Training Center when it came time to choose my professional path. Overall, Infinity has provided me with the possibility to learn, establish my portfolio, and participate in many career chances. The professor was exceptional because of the way she taught, which made us understand the ideas of aviation and strive for the best. I want to express my appreciation and affection to the infinity center for providing me with the training and assisting me in understanding the topic.

Cabin Crew Student Success - Bernard
Bernard Samonte Cabin Crew

"Infinity Training provides knowledge that could be very useful for a future career. It's a great experience as well. " Thank you for taking the time to share your review of your IATA cabin crew training experience at Infinity Training Center. We are thrilled to hear that you found the training program to be informative and engaging and that it has prepared you well for your career as a cabin crew member. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and we are confident that you will excel in your new role with the skills and knowledge you gained from our training program. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need any further support or guidance in your career journey.

Nabeela Shaikh -Passed IATA PGSA
Nabeela Shaikh Passed IATA

I have taken IATA Airport Passenger Ground Services Course with Infinity, IATA Training Center, and it was excellent experience learning with good interaction. From this course, I got useful knowledge and this course helped me to build confidence, valuable experience and learning. It was really a very good experience at this IATA institute. Every smallest information was very well explained by my instructor Mr.Anees. I’m really thankful to my instructor and the management of Infinity Training Center.

Suma Balachandran -Passed -CMA
Suma Balachandran CMA course

I have undergone training at Infinit Training & Management Institute for CMA . The program was planned an executed in the utmost professional manner by Mr. Naser, who had attended to my queries meticulously. Under his guidance, I was only required to properly cover the curriculum and prepare for the exam. I highly recommend Infinity Training & Management institute to anyone planning to pursue CMA course.

Student Feedback NEBOSH Course
Muhammed Noor NEBOSH Course

Thank you so much and I would like to express my indebted gratitude to you for the opportunity you have given me to expand my skills and knowledge in your reputed. I feel this opportunity has been beneficial rewarding, interesting, challenging. During my tenure of education here. I have learned more about the 'NEBOSH IGC' from your firm Lieu of various internships of safety firefighting, environmental Health and preventive Measures, and so on.

Nandhini Rajendran -Passed -CMA
Nandhini Narendran CMA Course

I did my CMA training for both parts 1 and 2 at Infinit training center and Mr. Abdul Nasar was our trainer. He is an excellent coach who teaches with real-life examples to better convey his ideas and give his students a more thorough grasp of the content. He was available to discuss my queries even outside the classroom. He teaches the course syllabi through presentations which were very lively and at the end of each topic, we would solve out a number of problems, so that we were prepared in the classroom itself. That was my favorite part of each class; the solving of questions from Hock right in the classroom. Being a student at infinity can get you discounted exam registration fees as well as free access to publishers like Hock.

Student's Opinion CMA course
Shijo Mathew CMA Course

One of the best institute in Kuwait for CMA and i am CMA holder with the study material and class from infinity. I strongly recommend those who pursue CMA.. Surely you will enjoy the atmosphere and way of teaching.. I can see some of comment below... You cant attain any professional certificate simply attending the class.. You should be dedicated and handwork. As far as i had great experience and Nasser sir is teaching from his heart... All the best infinity team and recommended all other courses provided by infinity

Student Feedback NEBOSH Course
Tareq Tohamy NEBOSH Training

NEBOSH training from Infinity Training Center has been an excellent one. The training section was extraordinary and very professional with immense experience in the field. I was able to crack the NEBOSH IGC exam with credits in the first chance. Which helped me a lot in switching my career which was my ultimate goal .

Student Feedback : IATA Course
Thansiha Sulthana IATA Course

Great institution, faculties & management. I got my IATA Certification Provided with an excellent instructor, It had been easy enough to communicate and understand the course. Mrs.Rufaida is very patient and thorough, very helpful and sweet ?

Yousana Kamran IATA Student
Yousana Kamran IATA Student

I have completed my IATA Airport Passenger Ground Services Agent Course from Infinity Training Center. I would like to thank my instructor Ms.Rufaida for her guidance. Will surely do more course in future I would definitely recommend to do IATA Courses from this IATA approved training center - Yousana Kamran IATA Student

Abbas Magar - CMA passed student
Abbas Fakhruddin Magar CMA USA

I am Grateful for attending Infinity Training which has helped me a lot to pass my CMA Part 2 Exam with their intensive course curriculum and instructor's guidance. The quality of the institute is high and very reliable. Special thanks to their administrative team and my instructor who has been very supportive throughout the journey. The  gratification I got from their support and guidance to pass CMA (IMA USA) in first attempt is worth pointing out. Thanks a lot again for Infinity!!

IATA passed student

My name is Anas and today I passed my IATA PGSA exam at infinity training institute. It was a great day experience studying here. The management staff is very friendly and my instructor has helped me a lot to pass this exam in first attempt. Will be doing other IATA courses as well from infinity training.

Corporate Training

Our corporate training courses are meticulously crafted to address the evolving needs of businesses in today’s dynamic landscape. We understand that the key to staying competitive lies in the continuous development of your workforce. That’s why our programs are designed to equip your team with the latest industry insights, cutting-edge techniques, and best practices. Whether you’re aiming to boost leadership skills, improve communication, embrace digital transformation, or enhance employee well-being, our expert trainers and customized solutions are here to help your organization thrive. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on measurable results, our corporate training courses empower your employees to reach their full potential, driving your company towards sustained growth and success

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