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MBA In Marketing at Infinity in Kuwait

MBA in Marketing Elective at Infinity Kuwait is a 2-year post-graduate program for applicants interested in the areas of marketing.

The millennium has brought new business laws, the most important of which is that prior performance or experience in a certain product market is no guarantee of future success. Customer loyalty no longer exists, thus market leadership cannot be taken for granted. In a formerly era where global trends define purchasing decisions, the client now has a far broader range of options; a buyer does not have to stick to locally available brands/services. Aside from internet marketing and teleshopping, this millennium’s customer demands and likes are being courted by marketers. Wooing and cajoling the customer will only intensify with time.

Emphatically, The basic strategy of the corporation in the classic selling idea is to identify clients for the goods created by them and “somehow” convince the customer to buy their product. The technique is based on aggressive sales and sales promotion tactics, with a strong emphasis on closing the deal even if it means lowering pricing.

In contradiction, the Marketing paradigm emphasizes the significance of consumer wants and behavior. The method is to first understand the consumer’s wants and then approach him with the primary goal of gratifying him in mind. The emphasis is on increasing profits through customer happiness despite  simply increasing sales. Marketing aims to understand the consumer and his demands so well that the product or service can sell itself. All that is required is to incorporate customer happiness into the company’s strategy.

In this context, understanding marketing ideas has become extremely valuable to organizations competing in a churning economy. Eventually, This has resulted in a high demand for online MBA marketing programs, and marketing professionals’ career progression has been exponential in most organizations. The majority of CEO’s and senior management executives in organizations in highly competitive markets come from marketing backgrounds.


Course Highlights MBA in Marketing at Infinity Kuwait

  • Strong foundation in the principles and practices of marketing
  • Thorough understanding with advanced courses like Integrated MarComm, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics etc.
  • Enhanced understanding of digital and social media strategies for intelligent marketing
  • Industry-aligned curriculum that delivers technical excellence and supplements professional skills
  • Achieve business mastery with a blend of marketing and management courses
  • Analyze problems and propose actions in real-world situations as part of the master thesis


Course Syllabus: MBA in Marketing  at Infinity Kuwait

1st Semester 

  • Principles of Economics and Markets
  • Managerial Effectiveness and Ethics
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management
  • Quantitative Techniques and Analytics

2nd Semester 

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Management and Research
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales and Distribution Management

3rd Semester 

  • Business Environment and Strategy
  • Operations Management
  • Agricultural and Rural Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Marketing of Services and CRM
  • Open Elective Course

4th Semester 

  • Global Marketing
  • B2B Marketing
  • Retail Marketing and Brand Management
  • Digital Marketing and Data Analytics

* Master Thesis / Project will be carried out between Sem 3 and Sem 4, but evaluation will reflect in Sem 4


Eligibility to get into MBA in Marketing at Infinity Kuwait

    • Pass in an Undergraduate (Bachelor) Program of a minimum duration of three (3) years in any stream from a UGC Recognized University, with a minimum aggregate of 50% or an equivalent letter/numerical grade.
    • Candidates who are in the final semester of the Bachelor’s Program are also eligible to apply.


How many credits does the program have?

Undergraduate Program – 132 credits
Postgraduate Program -90 credits
(1 Credit = 30 Learning hours)

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MBA In Marketing Elective








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