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Unleash Strategic Excellence with an MBA in Finance and Marketing

Benefits of joining this program,

MBA in Finance And Marketing  in Kuwait

MBA in Marketing and Finance at Infinity Kuwait is a 2-year post-graduate program for applicants interested in the areas of marketing and financing. A degree in MBA is considered very prevalent on a global level. This marketing and finance MBA degree foster both professional and personal development. It provides the candidates with opportunities for creative observation and networking with the top businesses in the industry. The candidates gain the skills required to launch a firm or start-up through this program, which also provides a wide range of opportunities for career and skill development.


The combination of marketing and finance is one of the most popular electives. This is both a crucial and essential component of the sector. Although these two professions can be utterly unrelated on the surface, there is much you can learn from one and apply to the other. Since marketing places an emphasis on building leadership and communication skills, it can help you land a job, receive a promotion, and meet the requirements for management and executive roles. A satisfying career in finance, on the other hand, offers tremendous earning potential across a range of businesses. The MBA in Marketing and Finance degree at Infinity Kuwait provides students with a platform to hone their abilities and adapt to a variety of contexts. Through the knowledge acquired in MBA Marketing and Finance courses, students can flourish in the fields of marketing and finance.

Why pursue an MBA in finance and marketing at Infinity Kuwait?

The candidates may profit in a number of ways from this course:

Course Highlights MBA in finance and marketing

Course Syllabus: MBA in finance and marketing at Infinity Kuwait

1st Semester

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

4th Semester

Eligibility to get into MBA Course in finance and marketing at Infinity Kuwait

• Pass in an Undergraduate (Bachelor) Program of a minimum duration of three (3) years in any stream from a UGC Recognized University, with a minimum aggregate of 50% or an equivalent letter/numerical grade.

• Candidates who are in the final semester of the Bachelor’s Program are also eligible to apply.

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