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SAP MM Course in Kuwait by Infinity Training. Master procurement, inventory management & more.

By the end of the training you will

SAP MM (Materials Management) Course

Discover top-notch SAP MM training at Infinity Training Center Kuwait. Our SAP MM course covers essential topics. Gain practical skills in SAP MM course. Enroll now for SAP MM training. Learn SAP MM course at your own pace. Master SAP MM with expert guidance. Elevate your career with SAP MM training. Join the SAP MM course at Infinity Training Center Kuwait. Unlock lucrative job opportunities with SAP MM skills. Enroll in our SAP MM training program today. Get certified in SAP MM course. Dominate the SAP MM job market with our training.


Take your career to new heights with SAP MM training. Acquire in-demand SAP MM skills. Excel in SAP MM course with hands-on experience. Join now for SAP MM training at Infinity Training Center Kuwait. Don’t miss out on our SAP MM course. Enroll today and become a certified SAP MM professional!

What are the prerequisites for the SAP MM Course?

While it is not compulsory, participants are typically expected to have,

Basic Understanding of Business Processes:

It's helpful to have a foundational understanding of business processes related to materials management, procurement, inventory management, and logistics.

Familiarity with SAP Navigation:

Although it's not mandatory, possessing fundamental navigation skills within SAP software can offer advantages.

Computer Skills:

A basic understanding of computer systems, software applications, and data processing concepts is beneficial.

Computer Skills:

Having a rudimentary grasp of computer systems, software applications, and data processing concepts can be advantageous.

Benefits of Studying SAP MM Course

Exploring SAP MM (Materials Management) can provide various benefits, bridging advantages in both personal and professional spheres. Here are some of the key advantages:

sap material management course in Kuwait

Career Opportunities

SAP MM is one of the most widely used modules in SAP ERP systems, and there is a high demand for professionals with expertise in this area.

sap mm online course in Kuwait

Global Relevance:

Proficiency in SAP MM offers job prospects locally and globally due to SAP's renowned status as a top brand worldwide.

sap mm training online in Kuwait

Continuous Learning and Growth:

The field of SAP is dynamic, with new features and updates released regularly.

SAP MM Course Kuwait - Who is it for?

SAP MM training is designed for individuals who are interested in or currently working in roles related to materials management, procurement, inventory management, and logistics within organizations that utilize SAP ERP systems. This training is suitable for:

Fresh Graduates:

Recent graduates looking to kickstart their career in supply chain management, procurement, or logistics can benefit from SAP MM training to acquire relevant skills and increase their employability.

Professionals Seeking Career Transition:

Individuals with experience in other fields who wish to transition into materials management or supply chain roles can undergo SAP MM training to gain the necessary skills and knowledge.

Supply Chain and Procurement Professionals:

Professionals already working in supply chain management, procurement, inventory management, or logistics roles can enhance their expertise by undergoing SAP MM training. This can lead to career advancement opportunities and increased efficiency in their current roles.

SAP Users:

People who are already engaged in utilizing SAP ERP systems for functions like finance, sales, or production have the opportunity to broaden their skills and understanding of the SAP ecosystem by undergoing SAP MM training. Understanding multiple SAP modules can be advantageous for career growth and cross-functional collaboration.

Consultants and IT Professionals:

Consultants and IT professionals involved in SAP implementation, configuration, customization, or support can undergo SAP MM training to specialize in materials management functionalities.

Project Managers:

Project managers overseeing SAP implementation or enhancement projects that involve materials management functionalities can undergo SAP MM training to better understand project requirements, timelines, and deliverables, leading to more successful project outcomes.

SAP MM - Course Content

Introduction to SAP

Organization Structure

Master Data in Material Management

Procurement Cycle

Purchase Requisition

Request for Quotation (RFQ)


Pricing Procedure

Release Procedures





Work Flow

Purchase Order

Configuration on Document type 

Discussion on item category

Complete process discussion like creating sub contracting PO, Goods Issue, GR

Creation and exploding of BOM

Details of consumption of components with respective movement types 

Complete process execution like PO creation, GR and settlement

Configuration and process execution activities 

Creation of third party PO from sales order 

Intra-stock STO with MM route

Intra-stock STO with Delivery 

Inter-stock STO 

Complete process execution 

Configuration activities on Service Orders


Schedule Agreements

Inventory Management

Automatic Account Determination

Split Valuation

Physical Inventory

Invoice Verification

Consumption Base Planning (CBP)

Automatic PO process

Cross Module Integration & Configuration


SAP MM (Materials Management) training provides individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize SAP MM software for managing materials and resources within an organization’s supply chain. This training covers various aspects of SAP MM, including procurement, inventory management, material requirements planning, and invoice verification.


The importance of SAP MM training lies in its ability to empower professionals with the expertise needed to optimize material management processes and maximize the benefits of SAP MM software. In summary, SAP MM training is crucial for professionals seeking to excel in material management roles and for organizations aiming to optimize their supply chain processes. It empowers individuals with the skills needed to drive efficiency, cost savings, compliance, and innovation within the organization.

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