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We provide comprehensive fire safety training for corporates. For support with more advanced training requirements or to inquire about on-site training, please contact us.

Upon completion of the fire safety training, you will:

What is Fire Safety Training

Fires are the second leading cause of death worldwide, underscoring the critical importance of fire safety training. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that in the United States alone, over 3,000 people lose their lives and an additional 16,000 sustain injuries annually due to fires.

Given that a fire can occur anywhere, anytime, it is vital to equip employees with basic fire emergency response skills. Fire safety training is an essential component of workplace safety and a fundamental part of any company’s health and safety plan. The primary objective of this training is to educate employees on how to effectively respond to a fire emergency.

Every employee must be knowledgeable about fire response procedures to act swiftly and potentially save lives. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the risk of fire incidents rises. Fires can ignite and spread rapidly in any environment, emphasizing the need for serious attention to fire safety. Ensuring that all staff members have a fundamental understanding of fire dynamics and emergency actions is crucial.

Fire safety training should be compulsory for all employees, irrespective of their role within the organization. This training can be the deciding factor between life and death. The significance of fire safety training cannot be overstated. It is a vital part of any organization’s safety strategy. Providing employees with the opportunity to participate in fire safety courses is the best way to ensure they are well-informed about this critical issue.

Who should attend fire safety training

  • Fire safety training is crucial for all employees within an organization, regardless of their position or responsibilities. This training is particularly important in cities with high-density workplaces, such as Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.
  • Whether your company is in Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi, fire safety training should be attended by:

All Employees: Everyone from entry-level staff to senior management should participate in fire safety training. Understanding fire risks and emergency procedures is essential for every individual in the workplace.
Safety Officers: Those responsible for workplace safety need to have an in-depth understanding of fire safety protocols and procedures to lead and manage emergency situations effectively.
Facilities Management Teams: Employees who manage and maintain the building’s infrastructure should be trained in fire safety to ensure they can identify potential hazards and respond appropriately in case of a fire.

  • Human Resources and Training Managers: HR and training managers should be equipped with fire safety knowledge to integrate safety protocols into company policies and training programs.

  • Emergency Response Teams: Designated emergency responders must undergo rigorous fire safety training to coordinate evacuation plans and assist during emergencies.


The fire safety training we are conducting in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi is an invaluable component of any company’s health and safety plan. This training ensures that all employees are prepared to act swiftly and effectively in the event of a fire, thereby enhancing overall safety and potentially saving lives.

Benefits Of Basic Fire Safety Training


Improved Emergency Response

Fire safety training equips employees with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively during a fire emergency

Reduced Risk of Injury and Loss of Life

Proper training ensures that employees are aware of potential fire hazards and know how to avoid them

Enhanced Employee Confidence

When employees are trained in fire safety procedures, they feel more confident in their ability to handle emergency situations

Preservation of Property and Assets

Fire safety training helps prevent or minimize property damage and loss of assets

Cost Savings

Preventing or minimizing fire incidents through training results in cost savings related to property damage, insurance premiums, legal liabilities, and business interruption

Effective Use of Fire-Fighting Equipment

Employees trained in fire safety know how to use fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment correctly. This can help control small fires before they escalate

Content Outline

Introduction to Fire Safety

Importance of fire safety awareness, Statistics on fire-related incidents and their impact

Fire Prevention

Identifying common fire hazards in different settings (home, workplace, public spaces), Best practices for preventing fires, including proper storage and handling of flammable materials

Fire Safety Equipment

Types of fire extinguishers and their appropriate use (e.g., water, foam, CO2, dry chemical), Hands-on training in using fire extinguishers, including the PASS technique, Overview of other firefighting tools (fire blankets, hose reels, fire hoses)

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Developing and practicing evacuation plans, Understanding the importance of clear escape routes and assembly points, Roles and responsibilities during evacuations

Emergency Alarms and Signals

Understanding different fire alarm systems and their signals, Responding appropriately to fire alarms

Workplace Fire Safety

Workplace-specific fire safety protocols and procedures, Fire safety roles and responsibilities within an organization

Response to Different Fire Types

Understanding appropriate firefighting methods for different types of fires, Practical demonstrations of fire suppression techniques

Review and Assessment

Recap of key concepts and techniques covered, Written or practical assessment to gauge understanding

Emergency Contacts and Reporting

Knowing who to contact in case of a fire emergency, Reporting fire hazards and incidents


Where can I find basic fire safety courses in Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi?

Infinity Training International offers basic fire safety courses throughout the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Contact us at 00971 56 699 899 5 to meet your training requirements.

What type of certification will I receive after completing the fire safety training course?

Participants will receive Infinity Training International's certificate upon course completion. An optional international certification is available for an additional cost.

Is the international certification mandatory for everyone attending the fire safety training course?

No, international certification is optional. Our organization's certificate is sufficient for completing the fire safety training course.

Will there be an additional cost for obtaining the international certification during fire safety training?

Yes, there is an additional cost associated with obtaining the international certification during fire safety training.

Will there be practical training included in the fire safety training course?

Yes, practical training can be included upon request during fire safety training. This involves simulating fire scenarios in the workplace. Participants opting for practical training must arrange it at their own risk.

What does practical training entail if we choose to include it in the fire safety training course?

Practical training during fire safety training includes simulating fire emergencies in the workplace environment. It provides hands-on experience in using fire extinguishers, executing evacuation procedures, and managing fire incidents effectively.

Who should attend a fire safety training course?

Anyone in a workplace environment, from employees to management, should attend fire safety training to ensure readiness in case of a fire emergency.

What topics are covered in a fire safety training course?

Topics covered in fire safety training include fire behavior, hazard identification, evacuation procedures, fire extinguisher types, emergency communication, and post-fire protocols.

Why is fire safety training important?

Fire safety training is important as it prepares participants to prevent fires, react swiftly during emergencies, and potentially save lives in the workplace.

How long does a fire safety training course usually last?

Fire safety training courses vary in duration, typically ranging from a few hours to a full day, depending on content and practical exercises.

Is fire safety training mandatory?

While not mandatory for all, fire safety training is often required by regulations in many jurisdictions and industries to maintain workplace safety standards.

Who conducts fire safety training courses?

Fire safety training courses are conducted by certified trainers specialized in workplace safety and fire prevention.

Who arranges practical fire training in the workplace during fire safety training?

Companies opting for practical fire training during fire safety training must independently arrange for the presence of fire at their facilities, acknowledging and adhering to all necessary safety protocols.

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